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Zhejiang Li Zong: at that time double Special General Manage
Time:2018-05-31 03:09:42

Zhejiang Li Zong: at that time double Special General Manager said that we can provide pipe machine related advice for your factory design, vertical arrangement of units, pipeline production, improve production efficiency, save space, Shipping trolley, water supply system, ventilation system, welding machine, cutting machine, packing rack, steel rack storage rack, pump, manual grinding machine, electronic crane, electronic call, warehouse rack, air compressor, air vehicle. Cooperation or realization of a series of problems for us.
Foshan ST Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Foshan City Nanhai District, New Industrial Park Road Industrial Park
No. 17004625, Guangdong ICP
MINGXINHAO Woodworking Machinery Co, LTD
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