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Woodworking machinery is indispensable i
Time:2018-09-02 07:54:21
Woodworking machinery is indispensable in the work, but there are some outstanding problems in the domestic woodworking machinery accessories industry. The key parts, components and steel are easy to aging, and the products after aging have potential safety hazards. Therefore, the reform of woodworking machinery production technology is an urgent problem to be solved in China.
China's woodworking machinery industry has experienced more than ten years of development, although there has been a good momentum, but compared with foreign technology still exists a big gap, technology backwardness can not be ignored. Because the domestic vehicle has only started for 20 years, the gap between domestic and international mechanical parts enterprises is relatively large. But it can not simply be said that the technology content of the products produced by private mechanical parts enterprises is low, and the technology is constantly innovating and developing. Our enterprises are also making progress in competition and learning.
The aging problem of some woodworking machinery products is becoming increasingly prominent, which may also endanger the health of operators. It is necessary to invest technology and increase the detection of woodworking tools. The quality defects of cutting tools not only affect the quality and efficiency of processing, but also lead to serious personal accidents. Now the detection of woodworking cutters is simply done by human eyes, which has great chance and danger. The detection efficiency is low, cumbersome and complex, and the cost is high for enterprises. This low-efficiency and high-cost and unsafe detection mode can not adapt to the development of the industry, and the detection technology needs to be improved urgently.
Now more and more woodworking tool manufacturers have chosen intelligent automatic testing equipment. The testing efficiency is high, and there are few man-made factors. It also overcomes the problem of recruitment. The demanding enterprises have chosen advanced testing equipment instead of manual testing, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost.
The upgrading of woodworking tool testing equipment is an embodiment of the upgrading of woodworking machinery industry. Because of the continuous emergence of new technologies, traditional technical products are gradually replaced. China's woodworking machinery industry should absorb advanced technology from abroad, and combine with the specific situation in China, take its essence, remove its dregs, develop new products to improve its quality. The momentum of efficiency, safety and environmental protection has been constantly developing, and it has been drawing closer to the developed countries in the world to enhance their international competitiveness.
The woodworking machinery industry should be based on advanced technology, break the traditional technology, constantly strengthen reform, promote the development and application of new technology, and promote the development of the industry with innovation.
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